Life Coach & Alternative Therapist for PTSD in Central NH

Therapy, Coaching, and Counseling for Veterans & Abuse Victims

If you’re a military veteran, a soldier, a first responder, a victim of rape or abuse — someone who has had a traumatic or life-threatening experience – you may be experiencing or developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It’s important to recognize certain signs and symptoms before your life becomes drastically affected.

Are You Suffering From PTSD?

  • You’re easily irritated or frustrated
  • You have trouble sleeping, working, and connecting with loved ones
  • You have difficulty concentrating or getting interested in anything
  • Nothing seems to bring you pleasure
  • Certain smells and sounds can startle you or trigger frightening flashbacks and nightmares
  • You feel that life is overwhelming, that you’re losing control
  • You become furious over small things, then feel guilty afterwards
  • You’ve had thoughts of hurting yourself, or a loved one

Individual & Group PTSD Counseling in NH

After an initial free consultation, Mary will help you determine whether you are best served working with her one-on-one, or in a group with others who have shared your experiences. Either way, her goal is the same: to get you back to enjoying a fulfilling life, one that works for you and lets you experience the joy of living you have so richly earned.

Alternatives to Talk Therapy for PTSD

Mary Howe can help you release and find relief from the worst of your stresses and symptoms. She’ll teach you how to use a set of tools that enables you to let go of the overpowering emotions and inner turmoil that your traumas have brought on. Her goal is to help you create and enjoy a fulfilling life, a life that works for you instead of against you.

  • Neurological Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
  • Time Line Therapy®
  • Professional Hypnosis

Life Coaching Services for PTSD in Central NH

Mary helps you address life goals from a personal, professional, spiritual, mental, and physical perspective. Through the act of conversation, goal-setting, positive accountability and more, she’ll help you climb out of the difficult places you find yourself in. She’ll take a look at everything that’s affecting your mental and emotional state, from relationships, to finances.

Mary can service anyone, anywhere, via phone or video! Please reach out to Mary if you’re struggling, and let’s begin the conversation.

Mary works with clients both individually and in workshops.