Emotional Health Workshops & Seminars in NH, VT

Earth Journey Connection

When most people are asked if they’re experiencing some kind of disconnect from friends, family, work or school, they answer in the affirmative. When youths feel disconnected, they often carry those feelings into adulthood. For young people, feeling connected to something larger than self may mean the difference between giving into negative peer pressure or not.

When we are grounded in who we are, we experience confidence, self reliance, and awareness. The Earth Journey Connection workshop focuses on connecting to something greater, something universal that we all share as humans. The Earth Journey is about quieting our minds and bodies, and coming to the inner place where we can see, hear, and feel that connection.

This workshop offers the opportunity for people to get grounded, to reflect, release, and realize how they are connected to one another. The class is for everyone, from young students to senior citizens. Sessions can be held indoors or outside. While the group is arranged in a circle, Mary presents the story of the life’s layers, relationships, and our connection to all life.

These sessions allow participants to feel and understand themselves in relation to their broader connection. They often feel refreshed, comforted, and awakened to a whole new sense of meaning.

NH Workshop for Overeating & Stress Eating

The Weight of Weight

This workshop is all about emotional eating. It deals with our thoughts and attitudes towards food. It looks at the areas in our life that we’re trying to fill up, as well as how we hide our feelings behind our weight. The workshop will help participants understand who they are in relationship to food, how to release the triggers that get them eating, and how they can create a healthy diet.

Couples Workshops in NH

What’s Next, Honey?

This workshop is designed specifically for couples, new or old, who aren’t sure what direction to take their marriage. It covers areas like discovering common ground, and helps married couples revitalize their relationship and discover ways to maintain a thriving marriage.

Lyme Disease Support Group in NH

This group is all about becoming empowered in the midst of illness. It’s about growing, rather than focusing on the negative of what’s going on. This successful support group involves shifting the focus to what is going right, and finding the best course of treatment to take care of the emotional aspect of the illness, not just the symptoms.

NH Workshop for Positive Self-Talk

Finding Effie

This workshop is about finding inner harmony, versus living with incongruence, or something that constantly distresses you. This workshop addresses the circles and cycles of life and the negative “what ifs.” It helps participants get into a place where they can listen to the heartspace that supports them, versus the headspace that tears them down. In this workshop, Mary has worked with children, families, veterans, people living with phobias, and people who are dealing with the incongruence of their everyday lives.

Success Strategist and Life Coach, Serving NH and VT

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