Emotional Fitness Coach

Too many of us feel trapped. We seem to make the same mistakes and wrong choices over and over again. We’re always reacting to what’s happening around us and not making the things we want happen.

Traditional psychological therapy focuses on your past and how it’s led you to this point in your life. The hope is that understanding that will motivate you to move on.

But as a Certified Life Coach for nearly twenty years, Mary knows how to get you to focus on where you are in your life here and now. Today. She’ll help you discover those habits and behavioral patterns that have been holding you back from living the life you want and using alternative therapies to give you the tools you need to move towards where you want to be, doing what you want to do.

She’ll help you recognize your core strengths and guide you in making the most of them so you can make the changes you want. She’ll be there to help you organize your goals and give you tips on how to prioritize them. You’ll have the benefit of her experience and guidance when it comes to making difficult decisions and her support when you hit those difficult times we all face from time to time.

Ultimately, like a football, basketball, or baseball coach, Mary will help you to find it within yourself to play your best game. You’ll feel you’re more in control and more balanced, all while feeling a lot less stress and anxiety. You’ll have a clearer understanding of what you want professionally and personally. And you’ll have the guidance of someone who can help you create a life full of great days.

Mary works with clients both individually and in workshops.