Dealing With Everyday

Whether it’s our relationships or our fears and feelings: sometimes, everyday life can be stressful and make us anxious, worried and even get us down and depressed. We start to judge ourselves too harshly. We create unrealistic expectations that can never be met and set ourselves up for failure. When we do, we not only negatively affect ourselves; we negatively affect our families, our friends, and the people with whom we work. The negative thinking becomes our reality and we hold ourselves back from all of life’s possibilities.

Working together with Mary can help give you the tools you need to discover how to create the change you want, reawakening your passion for and curiosity about life. You will learn how to make your relationships stronger and let go of the fears and feelings that hold you back. You’ll discover how to become responsible for how you’re thinking and take control of how you see yourself and those around you. You’ll stop setting boundaries and start seeing horizons

Mary works with clients both individually and in workshops.